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The Nest
Our newest complete renovation!

Our newest venture, adding to our guest properties on the Yellowstone River overlooking Yellowstone National Park. Now, not only do we have two individual properties for rent, we also have a fabulous space for larger retreats... taking advantage of all our adjacent properties to form one cohesive, creative and inspiring compound.


The Nest has three private bed/bath suites, full gourmet kitchen, dining/living, laundry and a wonderful fenced yard... and of course, as all our properties have, those grand views out the large expansive windows into Yellowstone National Park on the Yellowstone River. As with our other properties, you can count on it to be luxurious, artistic and creative.  

We will be sharing photos after we get our hands cleaned up from the renovating! If you can't wait, contact us and we'll fill you in. Or, if you want to be one of the first to plan a retreat that would include this new and beautiful space, let us know so we can keep your dates available. 

Photos coming VERY soon! :-)

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