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Guest House - Dining and Kitchen
Guest House - Kitchen Island
Guest House - Heron Bedroom
Guest House - Game Room
VIP Reception for Yellowstone 100th
Glorious window boxes

Our Guest Accommodations

"This house is amazing. We had our annual family of 11 trip to Yellowstone and stayed at your wonderful home. We could not have asked for a more breathtaking view and loved the open spaces within the home. Also loved that all 5 bedrooms had their own bath, (and all were large beautiful baths). We saw so much wildlife outside our door and Shirl is so accommodating. We will surely come back again!!” -Terri


Guest Lodge


Living Room

The property's breathtaking scenery of Yellowstone National Park called for a glorious space, so we built it... 

As artists, we wanted to create something different, tasteful and creative, where our guests could experience the grand views of Yellowstone in a unique way, wrapped in luxury and rustic elegance. We appreciate beauty in nature, architecture, and art and feel more people should have that opportunity. So now, you can experience Yellowstone, nature and wildlife, along with original fine art, in a finely designed, deluxe, comfortable and relaxing space.

Take inspiration from the art and the views - relax, rejuvenate and take in your Yellowstone experience. Watch the birds and animals go about their daily habits...maybe see an osprey catch a trout from the river, a group of elk swim across the river from Yellowstone Park to our property, an eagle may fly by at eye level. Soak in the sunset as you clean up the dinner dishes, hear the river while you sit on the couch reading, gaze at the stars from bed at night. This is Yellowstone at it's finest.


Designed and built by John and Shirl, with the original building on the property totally 'gutted' and remodeled both inside and out. The buildings fit into the landscape gracefully and live with the life around them, capturing both the views and the essence of living at the edge of Yellowstone.


All photos were taken from the property... amazing what we see at our spectacular riverside location!

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John and Shirl can tell you where every screw or nail is because they put them there, they can tell you where each stone came from and how heavy it is. They know the stories of all the recycled logs and beams and barn wood they used to build because they stood on the land it came from, and pulled all the old nails, and brushed off the old moss.  Some of the beams supported a local bridge, the logs were the rafters of a train mechanic shop in Livingston, the old boards protected a hay barn in Shields Valley. These homes have stories, past lives, soul!  Yes, John has been up on the roof working with a headlamp at night, running a power saw. Shirl put in way too many days in a row tiling new bathrooms to be ready when guests arrived. It hasn’t always been easy, but the results are worth the effort.

"House belongs in architectural digest!! Owners have thought of everything and were wonderful to deal with. Perfect home for families or just the adults. Highly recommend this property.” -Harry