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About John

Artist Statement:


"Working in clay to create sculpture is an intuitive combination of my deep-seated memories about specific experiences in nature with physical hands on expression of ideas about beauty, composition and design.  I try to capture those elusive moments in nature and communicate them to others in the beautiful, unspoken language of art." 


Having grown up in rural upstate NY, John spent great chunks of time outdoors learning about and developing a love of nature.  The mountains, lakes, rivers, streams, fields, and animals taught him valuable lessons about the importance of wilderness.  John has been a full time artist since 1981 and after many different art challenges he now concentrates on portraying the wild animals of Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountains in bronze sculpture.  He lives in the small mountain town of Gardiner, Montana on the edge of the Yellowstone River overlooking Yellowstone National Park with his wife, the Artist Shirl Ireland, and their two children, in the home that they designed and built themselves.  There is a constant flow of birds and animals past the house to provide endless inspiration for his work, and a hike in Yellowstone Park never disappoints the artists search for beauty.

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