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Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light plein air oil 9" x 12" by Shirl Ireland

My ‘light' has always been creative and artistic. No doubt about it. At times, the reason to ‘shine my light’ has been crystal clear, other times not so much. Right now, is part of that ‘not so much’ time, but I know that is no excuse.

Even though I am not sure exactly how it is meant to serve the world, my job is just to keep doing what I do. Listen to that inner compass and keep at it. So I continue to honor the natural world that so inspires me.

painting plein air over the weekend...

My focus is to do the best I can at my work. The rest is out of my hands. How that mixes in and where it goes from there, is not for me to try to control or figure out. I can’t even begin to judge the effects my creative work will have out in the world… where the inspiration goes, what cracks it will seep into or how it interacts with the outside forces in the bigger world. All WAY beyond my control! Keep it simple - don't bother with that side. :-)

So this Labor Day weekend, my labor of love was capturing the beauty I see all around... and now sending it out to you.

capturing the sunrise Labor Day morning

Just like raising kids has taught me – I do my part then let them fly. The world is growing and changing always and we are part of the evolving – part of a much bigger incomprehensible picture.

A Path With A View plein air oil 6" x 6" by Shirl Ireland

Here, we contribute what we can – whether it’s artistic, care giving, cooking, strategizing, supporting, singing, healing, whatever…. We put it out there for the world to have and transform as it will.

It certainly makes me feel better to believe this group effort will raise us ALL up - so I'm sticking to it.

Enjoy the view and shine your light along the way.... and if you'd like to sing along, click the link below...


Lisa England
Lisa England
Sep 08, 2021

Both pieces are just gorgeous! I enjoyed your post as well as the earlier "pep talk" post.

Shirl Ireland
Shirl Ireland
Sep 08, 2021
Replying to

Thanks! I appreciate your nice comments... Glad you liked the posts... that spurs me on. ;-)

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