Painting Classes 'LIVE' Anyone?

"Just Around The Bend" by Shirl Ireland Oil Plein Air 9" x 12"

As an artist, I have heard so many people over the years tell me how much they'd like to learn to paint, to be more creative... with such a longing in their voice. So why not now?

I'd love to use my skills to benefit others during this trying time by offering online painting classes. Many of us are feeling cooped up with some extra time on our hands.

It may be a perfect time to learn that new skill you have always wanted to try - or improve it if you already paint :) Painting is a wonderful 'brain exercise'... keeping your mind sharp AND on something positive! Plus community during this time of quarantining would be very welcomed. A win-win all around.

"Emerge" by Shirl Ireland Oil 36" x 48"

My idea is to make the classes interactive - live, in 'real time' - and record them as well. That way if you miss the live recording time, you can always catch up when the time is more convenient for you. Maybe a couple 40 minute sessions a week as we progress along together on a painting, focusing on different art principles each lesson...?? They certainly could be longer, but I would like to keep it 'doable' for you. Small fun bites.

I have a beautiful studio space that looks out over Yellowstone National Park on the Yellowstone River. It is calming for sure for me, so I thought sharing that space and views out the windows during this time could be valuable for many.

Possibly a Zoom video conference where we could interact freely - AND you could see the view ;) You could ask questions and show me your work in 'real time' to get immediate comments along with some ideas and direction.

Supplies would be needed. If you don't have any to get started, I can provide a list and suggest where to purchase online to make it easy. I'll provide a 'bare minimum' list, some 'add ons' and a 'would be nice to have' list.

"Green on Green" by Shirl Ireland Oil Plein Air 12" x 12"

Ideally, I could get the class ready to be up and running sometime in April - which would give you enough time to get your supplies by then (if needed). We could plan for a few weeks or so of classes to give you a taste of creativity and/or get you motivated while all is still pretty shut down... with the possibility to extend it.

Life Springs Eternal by Shirl Ireland Oil 24" x 31"

Right now, I'm looking for your thoughts and ideas - and would like to gauge interest before I dive in. I love teaching and have a lot of experience from the very beginner to the advanced student, so that part is easy. But taking it all online presents a bit of a learning curve for me. :)

If it sounds like something you'd like to try, I'm happy to put it all together. If not, no worries, I understand that these are trying times and everyone is finding their way through in the best way they can. Let me know what you think. Contact me anytime - Your comments would be highly appreciated!

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