#21 - Our Accommodations for Guests

We went back to the Guest House and completely gutted it to the exterior studs & updated absolutely everything. We wanted to take it up to a style and level that fit with the rest of the property we had been 'working on'.

But since it had been up and running as a vacation rental space, we only had the 'off season' to complete the renovations. Guests would be arriving in May. We put our design and building skills to use, and went at it...

It was not an easy winter to get those "Before & After" photos... But we were certainly pleased with our results!

Our 'new and improved kitchen'...

(Always making improvements along the way - a recent addition - new bar stools!)

Natural stone counter tops...

Our 'new and improved' dining and living area...


Our handmade creative dining table to show off Yellowstone and it's seasons mixed with Art...

Loads of windows and comfortable leather seating to look out on Yellowstone National Park and the Yellowstone River... spotting scope included for wildlife watching from the couch ;)

We redesigned the spaces and added bathrooms to make all private bedroom / bathroom suites... now 5 total.

A window seat where you can look out at Yellowstone National Park as the sun comes up.

Adding Art and creative touches everywhere - even the tile in the shower!...

And, we added a game room for 'FUN' ;)

With guests showing up in May, the pressure was on to do it all FAST - VERY FAST. The amount of work we completed in such a short window of time still bogles my mind. That winter was a blur. With 'all hands on deck' to get it done, the kids were even thrown in to help me paint the walls. We were finishing the clean-up of the back yard, and friends were loading it all up in their truck to take away the debris as the guests arrived in the front. I could not have done it without their help.

………We finished literally JUST IN TIME.

But it has been so rewarding to be able to host guests in such a creative and comfortable space.

The photos below were shared with me from a group of our guests...

Look at all those smiling faces :) It makes it all worth it...

P.S. - This blog post landed at a good time to offer my blog readers a 'space at the table'. Although our upcoming summer is mostly booked, we do have a couple 'slots' in our calendar during our most sought after month - July.

So before July is completely reserved, I wanted to offer those July dates to you - at a 10% discount for my dear blog readers who have read it all and still stick with me! I would love to see your smiling faces at the table :)

Specifically, the Guest House opening is July 10 - July 13 or our Gallery Lodge from July 5 to July 11... OR, we do have availability in other times of the year, as well... Contact me anytime for more information. 406-848-9449, mail@elkriverart.com

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