Great Art

Always good to get out and see the world's greatest Art. Anytime I'm traveling, museums are a must see.

A selection of gems from my recent visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in Texas...

I loved the color combinations and the strong sense of abstract design with this 'traditional' western subject.

Again, the colors and the abstract design stopped me. Look at the way he cropped the horses bodies and even heads to keep the attention on those trees!

A masterpiece from the 1480's! Look at the gentle gradations in the veil and face. Just gorgeous. And what a simple but strong composition.

How could you NOT look back? His gaze is captivating and the bold use of color - WOW... look at that green on the face and hand, let alone that YELLOW. Once again, the cropping of the image creates such a dynamic composition, you HAVE to stop and stare back.

What a fascinating story to this painting! My usual appreciation of a strong composition attracted me... But being used as a kitchen apron and ending up on the manure heap to be the only Pissarro painting from his home to survive - now that is a notable art story!

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