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A Favorite Of Mine

Joaquin Sorolla was born in 1863 in Valencia, Spain and died in 1923 in Madrid, Spain. He was a brilliant painter. Although he started with a sad childhood, orphaned at 2 years of age, his artistic talents were spotted early and honed. He was winning prestigious artistic awards by the time he was 15.

In 1888, he married Clotilde Garcia del Castillo and they had two daughters and a son. He painted his family often, and was also known for painting beach scenes and other portrait paintings.

He was an amazing plein air painter, working on huge canvases outside...

His home and studio was left to Spain when his widow Clotilde died, and is now a museum - Museo Sorolla in Madrid. Recently, I was fortunate enough to visit his beautiful home, studio and gardens...

His mastery of color, temperature and light are outstanding. His brushwork is bold and loose. Awe-inspiring to say the least...

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