The Trials and Tribulations of Painting Fog

Gorgeous morning out there with LOADS of painting inspiration. After all, I do love fog!

Looking down from Mount Washburn on the fog over Yellowstone

However, fog can certainly pose problems for plein air painting. This morning in Hayden Valley, it was REALLY foggy at times with nothing defined enough to paint. But when the fog lifted just a bit, forms came into focus slightly and pelicans drifted by feeding. It was absolutely beautiful to be standing at the edge of the Yellowstone River....

My quick plein air painting 'between the fog' in Hayden Valley while the pelicans were feeding....

Doing a plein air painting, even a very quick one, helps me to look closely at the values and color temperatures along with their relationships within the scene. Such subtle differences to be noticed in the fog!

There is a great painting in there somewhere. Now, I'll do some sketching and studying and hope to work the idea out into a large studio painting. Fingers crossed...

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