Plein Air Painting is NOT for Sissies!

I always love that saying among artists... "Plein air painting is NOT for sissies"... It does hit the nail on the head!

The light is always changing, the weather is a big variable, hands can get too cold, paint can get stiff, bugs can be annoying, here in Yellowstone 'wandering' wildlife is always a possibility, then there's the wind... sigh....

But I persist - I will NOT be a sissy!! :)

Winter plein air painting in Yellowstone National Park

Lamar Thaw 6"x12" plein air oil by Shirl Ireland

Don't tell, but truly, I love it! You may even consider me 'a plein air addict'!.... I have plein air painted in many places and many venues....

Fall painting on an island in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana

Painting at an outdoor rock concert - (notice the ear plugs)

Costa Rica

In the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park as Castle Geyser was erupting!

From my kayak in the Adirondack Mountains.

High up over a Montana valley

On the Oregon Coast