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Plein Air Painting is NOT for Sissies!

I always love that saying among artists... "Plein air painting is NOT for sissies"... It does hit the nail on the head!

The light is always changing, the weather is a big variable, hands can get too cold, paint can get stiff, bugs can be annoying, here in Yellowstone 'wandering' wildlife is always a possibility, then there's the wind... sigh....

But I persist - I will NOT be a sissy!! :)

Winter plein air painting in Yellowstone National Park

Lamar Thaw 6"x12" plein air oil by Shirl Ireland

Don't tell, but truly, I love it! You may even consider me 'a plein air addict'!.... I have plein air painted in many places and many venues....

Fall painting on an island in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana

Painting at an outdoor rock concert - (notice the ear plugs)

Costa Rica

In the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park as Castle Geyser was erupting!

From my kayak in the Adirondack Mountains.

High up over a Montana valley

On the Oregon Coast

As the Guest Artist with Yellowstone Park Foundation (now Yellowstone Forever) plein air painting for their event at Old Faithful in the fall.

In the Limelight 12"x12" plein air painted in the fall in Montana by Shirl Ireland

A plein air painting in the Spring in Yellowstone by Shirl Ireland

But this time of year, plein air painting gets a little easier here at the edge of Yellowstone. The days are beautiful and long, usually sunny and clear. Even 'fair weather' plein air painters come out this time of year.

Plein air painting has hit it's sweet spot...Ahhh....

Summer plein air painting in Yellowstone National Park.

Oh, summer plein air painting... I have missed you....

And here we go into that season!

Clouds Over Slough Creek 6"x6" plein air oil by Shirl Ireland

Plein Air painting Yellowstone Falls one summer morning...

Cliffside Geyser 6"x6" plein air painting by Shirl Ireland

Long Ago And Far Away 20"x20" plein air painting of a Montana homestead in August by Shirl Ireland

Opposites Attract 20"x20" - an August plein air painting by Shirl Ireland

Plein air painting is not an easy sport, but it sure is a wonderful way to experience the landscape around get outside and mix nature and art. AND a great way to send you up the learning curve of painting. That is what has made me a plein air addict.

If you're interested in joining me for some plein air painting instruction - contact me anytime. I do offer a limited amount of small and even private classes.

Welcome Summer!

I'm looking forward to seeing you again....

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