"In the collection of the artist"

If you've spent anytime around art, at art shows or museums, you've seen these words... "in the collection of the artist".... Pieces not for sale that the artist has kept for themselves. I thought I'd show you some of my work that is "in the collection of the artist".

A corner of my kitchen....

The top painting is of my mother's cookbook and flour scoop - sentimental to say the least. I did this painting as a demo for a class quite a while ago.

The bottom piece I painted plein air at the Farmers Market in Livingston Montana during a "Plein Air on the Yellowstone" event several years ago. It was a good challenge to paint in front of a crowd. I was set up at the corner of the stage where the band was playing... a good practice in ignoring the distractions around you! With a light rain off and on, I was happy I 'pulled it off'. The frame really fits the piece well and goes nicely in my kitchen. It's a keeper!

This painting below, "Homeward" is at my front entry. A large studio painting, again from many years ago.... the oldest of the bunch here actually. I had painted a small plein air painting on Kodiak Island on a trip to Alaska and this is the resulting studio piece. A wonderful memory of a great trip... and "Homeward" I thought is appropriate at my front door!

I'd love to see what art you have "in the collection of the artist" - or art pieces you consider 'near and dear', whether you created them or not. Please post, if you have a photo of a cherished piece....

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