Great Art in LA LA Land

Always good to stick my head out of Montana and see great art. This past weekend, I did that in LA. Both old and new....

For a fabulous small museum with many great works by the Masters of the past, the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. And for a sampling of the current scene, there is the Masters Of The American West Show at the Autry Museum of the West up through March 26th. (They have Old Masters too.)

At the Norton Simon, an important work by Claude Monet - Mouth Of The Seine At Honfleur, painted in 1865. He was 24 years old at the time and this was his Salon debut. Interesting to see how his work changed over the years.

A beautiful painting by John Frost created in 1924. Captivating colors!

A small piece from Edgar Degas, depicting a favorite subject of his from that time period...Seated Dancer Rubbing Her Leg, 1878

Rembrandt - I always appreciate Rembrandt - loved this frame too! Rembrandt Van Rijn Portrait Of A Boy 1655-1660 at the Norton Simon

A significant Thomas Moran - Mountain Of The Holy Cross - at the Autry Museum

A lot of great work from the California landscape was created in the early 1900's... Here is a Franz Bischoff from 1924 hanging at the Autry.

From a contemporary artist, George Carlson, at the Autry Museum's current exhibition, Masters Of The American West. To see more pieces from the Show, click here... or go to LA... and let me know YOUR favorites!

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