Some of my favorite plein air painting photos

It's been decades now that I've been at it and over the years I've accumulated some good plein air painting photos. To set up our new website, I've been digging down through piles of old photos lately - (computer piles/files that is...

Here are a few that rose to the top....

Painting out of my kayak in the Adirondack Mountains.

This was a first... Painting at an outdoor rock concert while chaperoning my kids.

I took this photo while plein air painting with a friend. She was concentrating so hard she didn't even notice the onlookers who had snuck up from behind.

Can't beat winter plein air painting beside a fire...a good way to keep the chill off. This is a friend and I on a VERY cold winter day.... armed with easels, firewood and soup!

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