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1 Weekend, 2 Seasons, 3 Moose & 999 Bison

This weekend, I got to paint autumn on Saturday - and SNOW on Sunday!

AND the wildlife were particularly cooperative. I had a HUGE line of subjects wanting to pose - and more and more kept volunteering...

Painting autumn at the edge of the pond.

Cow moose with twins - posing nicely. :-) (Except that one twin on the right!)

Early Sunday morning, still and quiet with a light snow at Blacktail Ponds when I arrived.

THEN, my models showed up! Look at that line up coming in from the left side!!

ALL wanting to pose...

The word must have got out. MORE bison showed up from over the hill behind me,

RUNNING into the scene, excited to be part of the painting!

So many bison, so little time...

On my way home from my snowy adventure, back into autumn...

As I was leaving Yellowstone - a rainbow at the North Entrance!

A perfect finale to my weekend painting adventures.


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