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Shirl Ireland


A student hard at work
A student working in the studio
Fourth Grade art students
A student's first oil painting!
A children's painting class
A student with her painting
A children's drawing class
Young art students in the Gallery
A student 'sizing up' her work
Student Art Show preparation
The Studio

The trodden path of an Artist is paved by passion and commitment.  It is a journey which eventually leads to the joy of bringing forth creativity in others.  Patricia Donnelly

​I have a teaching degree for a reason. I've always been passionate about teaching, and learning. With my students, I do both. While I am trying my best to impart as much of my hard earned knowledge as possible in a way that fits into their learning style and current level, I find I often learn something from my students in return that makes me a better teacher.... The symbiotic relationship of student and teacher. I value it immensely and consider myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to teach.

My experience spans both adults and children from beginners to advanced students. When my schedule allows, I teach group or private classes. Contact me anytime to inquire.

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