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Gallery Lodge

The gallery was built around art – John and Shirl’s art.  Tall walls to hang Shirl’s dramatic oil paintings, large windows to flood John’s bronze sculptures with natural light, and high beamed ceilings to support their incredible custom chandeliers.  You can see the inspiration for the art out the windows – Yellowstone Park, the Yellowstone River, and Montana.  Sunset on the peaks, Morning light raking across Sepulcher Mountain, wind blowing snow through the sage and juniper.  The feel is inviting…refined rustic with wood book shelves, wood floors, beamed cathedral ceilings, soothing colors and of course art.

We invite you in to be our guests....


The rest of the lodge reflects the same aesthetic.  Creative, casual, comfortable, inspiring, and with lots of stories.  When designing the guest accommodations Shirl used a color pallet based on Montana.  Soothing natural materials and lots of natural light with big windows for big views, and spaces shaped to accommodate the flow of a group easily.  John’s craftsmanship and skill with the use of materials put it together into a remarkable setting where nature and art can seep in.  Lodge guests have the opportunity to share and experience a lifestyle steeped in fine art and the grand landscape of the west.  The setting certainly leaves an imprint and creates a lasting impression on those guests fortunate enough to visit.


Watch the light and shadows move across the mountains, the ever changing colors of the river are beyond description, and the sound of the river flowing through the landscape soothes the soul.  Sink into a cozy chair with a glass of wine and contemplate the beauty of one of Shirl’s paintings…the 1st impression is the beauty of the image itself, but step closer to enjoy the shapes and patterns, and still closer reveals an abstract wonder of colors and textures.


The distinctive lodge can accommodate up to 12 guests with 5 bedroom/bathroom suites.  The beautiful kitchen and dining room can accommodate a large group meal easily, and the gathering spaces are nothing but inspiring.

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