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A BIG Surprise!

I paint a lot outside. You could argue that I may be 'addicted' and I may agree. What began as a way to learn painting in a deeper way decades ago, has turned into a love affair over the years. Some may term it an obsession. And to that........ I may also agree. ;-)

Like any obsessed addict, I can point to some 'triggers' that really set me off. Beautiful mornings that fill the atmosphere with gorgeous sunrise colors - that's a BIG one. Wanting to capture those dawn colors is an urge that just runs wild with me!

So this morning, I was out savoring - working - doing my thing - fueling my addiction, as I often do. Full-on excitement for the scene, mixing colors, drinking it all in, completely in the moment. Autumn colors amidst a glorious morning sunrise... it was all there before me. COLOR HEAVEN.

It just does NOT get any better than this for a 'color addict'! Then I looked up from my color mixing frenzy, and low and behold, it did...

Look who crossed over my canvas - right through the glorious captivating scene I was painting!

'Speaking of inspiration' from my last post... Now, I have EVEN MORE! A grizzly in the

middle of all this glorious autumn wildness!!?? Absolutely perfect. I need to paint it, of course.

The painting ideas are piling up!... as the inspiration loop continues. ;-)

You may say - a long cold winter is needed to hole up in your studio and paint paint paint.

BUT... my addiction does not rest. It drives me on, to head outside in the cold and snow too!! How else can you drink in those pure true colors - reflecting off the snow and ice?? FOMO!!! I don't want to miss those uniquely awesome color harmonies. They can be AMAZINGLY beautiful! And they may not happen just like that, in that specific moment of time, on that specific landscape, in my lifetime, ever again! I need to be out there to capture them!

So I go back for more. More painting, more inspiration, more chance encounters with wildlife to fuel me on. And the addiction / painting cycle continues...

Stay tuned for more.


Love it!!!!! Would love to see one of those big guys in person.

Shirl Ireland
Shirl Ireland
Oct 04, 2021
Replying to

Yes - they are certainly amazing to see in person... Hope you get the opportunity someday!

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