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Creativity in Every Corner

If 2 artists own a Gallery Lodge and a Guest House, they can't help but make the spaces creative - at least in our case!

Yes, we've been updating again. We like to always be improving. So we created a handmade dining table for our guests in our Guest House... a conversation piece in itself. We wanted to give our guests a 'taste of Yellowstone' right at the dining table (pun intended).

No, it wasn't enough that our guests look out on Yellowstone National Park over the Yellowstone River right from the dining chairs, we wanted to bring even more into their view. The essence of Yellowstone, mixed with original art of course, in each season.

So, we created a huge shadow box with a relief map of Yellowstone in the center. Dividing the table into seasons, we added photos I took on the property, some memorabilia, along with paintings and sketches I created for each time of the year.

WINTER: The snow and sunsets of winter, with outdoor winter activities, steaming thermals and wildlife coming down from the mountains to the milder climate in Gardiner... truly a magical time to experience Yellowstone!

SPRING: Flocks of birds are returning, new 'baby' wildlife are born and bears are now coming out of hibernation...Yellowstone awakens - what an optimistic season!

SUMMER: Enjoying the landscape and wildlife - hiking in the mountains, appreciating the clear water of the rivers and lakes, and wildlife watching... Oh, those long decadent days of summer.

AUTUMN: Leaves are turning, wildlife are in their prime, elk are bugling and fly fishing is at it's best...a glorious season in Yellowstone.

Using reclaimed beams for the base and tempered glass for the top, it's a creative and functional piece of art that our guests will get to enjoy at every meal :)

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