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Elk Action

With all the wildlife right outside my studio windows, some days it can be hard to get any work done around here! And today is one of those days...

Elk rut has begun in Yellowstone and there is a group of elk right outside my studio windows in the Yellowstone River this morning. The morning light on them was beautiful...I HAD to stop and take photos. I tried my hand at videos too, so you could get a real feel for the action.

Enjoy the videos! Hope it's the next 'best thing to being here' for the elk rut...

Bull elk swimming across the Yellowstone River:

Bull Elk getting to the other side to join the elk cows and calves:

Bull elk 'strutting his stuff' during the elk rut:

Elk calf swimming back to "mom":

Bull elk chasing a cow elk during rut season in Yellowstone - right across the River from our studio!:

Elk cows and calves getting a drink from the Yellowstone River behind the Gallery:

If there is anyway you can make it in person in the next month, DO IT! And if you need a place to stay, check out our Lodging section on our website... where you may also have a front row seat :)

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