Up a creek without a... brush!

So I freshened up my plein air supplies last night to be ready to paint in the morning... and left my paint thinner / brush cleaner on the studio table. I hate it when that happens. Time to be inventive...

I can't clean out a brush, but I can wipe my palette knife clean easily with a paper towel. That means, when I forget my paint thinner, it's time for a palette knife painting!

My palette knife painting from very early this morning...

Undine Falls in Yellowstone with a crescent moon

This is NOT the very first time this has happened, I have to admit. But I've been plein air painting for about 20 years, so a couple of times forgetting my paint thinner is not too bad. And it "gives me a chance" (i.e., forces me) to mix up my routine... which can be good for the creative spirit!

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