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PARIS Bound!

What a thrill to be packing this painting tonight. It's on it's way to hang in PARIS - ahhhh... And what a wonderful family as the new owners.

Yellowstone Waters 12" x 12" oil by Shirl Ireland

otter at the Yellowstone River's edge

First, attracted to the abstract quality of the painting and then noticing the otter at the river's edge - just as I intended - I loved it! After all, that's how we see otters in the River outside the Studio & Gallery. Otters certainly blend into their surroundings and are tricky to spot. Definitely a thrill when we see them swimming by in the Yellowstone River.

Since otters hold a special place for my new collectors, noticing the otter in the painting made the piece even more special. It had found it's new home.

After leaving the Gallery, they were off to do some Yellowstone River adventuring themselves.

Then tonight, my new collectors called to say they had seen an otter in the Yellowstone River just after they left the Gallery.... WOW! How amazing!

No, I can't guarantee wildlife sightings like that all the time after you leave the Gallery but what an awe inspiring experience when it happens that way!

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