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The Foggy Mysterious Moods of Yellowstone

I love painting fog, steam, mist - those atmospheric conditions that invoke mystery and stillness into a painting. In Yellowstone you get that quite often...

This morning it dropped 20 degrees as I went from Gardiner to my painting spot in Yellowstone...the edge of North Twin Lake. It was 37 degrees when I arrived and gloriously foggy. I loved it! Just a duck and I. The quiet stillness among those beautifully subtle colors inspires me every time. My favorite way to start a day!

North Twin Lake 9"x12"

9" x 12" plein air study this morning

In Yellowstone, I get the chance to paint this kind of moody mysterious scene in many ways. The thermal areas are a great place for steam and mist, especially on a cold morning....

Old Faithful 9" x 6"

Firehole Sunrise 6" x 6"

Hayden Valley is often a wonderful spot for low lying fog over the water. Here I caught a miraculous sunrise...

Hayden Valley Sunrise 6" x 6"

And Lamar Valley, although not as regularly hazy or foggy, has it's moments. And when that layer of mystery hits, it is almost surreal...

Lamar Moonrise 24" x 24"

Right here in Gardiner, fog is a rare occurrence, but my favorite painting haunts around Yellowstone usually provide the inspiration I'm looking for!

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