Thank You!

Thank you to all the people that attended our Student Art Show last night.

Thank you to the parents who shared their young artists with me, for putting a priority on creativity and learning.

...and of course, THANK YOU, to the young artists themselves for their exuberance for Art. It was a joy to be your Art teacher! Refreshing, inspiring and just plain FUN, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

Our behind the scenes 'prep work'...Students made signs, arranged their work and finished up last minute details just before the Show began... (I love having them part of the behind the scenes process of an Art Show.)

The creativity in their display is part of the fun!

The table was set with 'kid friendly' snacks...

Then, they were 'meeters and greeters'... hosts and hostesses of their Show....

The students sketch book display was a BIG hit.... On the first day of class, I sent each student home with sketchbooks and portable supplies that were theirs to keep. I asked them to fill up their sketch books as they wish, bringing them back each week to show me their progress. No pressure. Just a fun activity to draw and journal whatever caught their eye. What an interesting and individualized display we had!

All in all it was a great Student Art Show. Thank you EVERYONE!

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