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A highlight of Spring - right out our windows today!

With our windows looking out at Yellowstone National Park, we do see incredible sights! We've had the amazing opportunity to watch pronghorn give birth many times now.

But it is still VERY exciting! And I NEVER get tired of the young fawns... so much fun to watch as they 'teeter' around the first couple days.

I wanted to share this video of a new born pronghorn (one of a pair of twins) trying out those long legs on his first day. By the end of the week, this fawn will be able to out run any other animal in Yellowstone....Hard to fathom!

Some interesting pronghorn facts...

- Pronghorn are the fastest land animal in North America

- Females usually give birth to twins

- Size at birth - 7 to 9 lbs.

- Age at weaning - 4 to 5 months

- Adults usual running speed is 40 mph - with a maximum running speed of 57 mph

- Both sexes have glands on the feet that secrete an oily conditioner for the hoofs

- Good swimmers

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