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Heron Rookery - Spring nest building

I guess I'm a 'nature geek'.... because I can't image too many things that I'd enjoy more than being near a heron rookery, painting and photographing their comings and goings on a gorgeous Spring day. I got my chance this weekend....

Herons hold a special place for me. Their interesting shapes, gracefulness and soft colors are captivating. Such a beautiful subject to paint!

This time of year in Yellowstone at a heron rookery, the action is nest building. It's particularly fun to watch them gathering and passing sticks to add to the nest.

So I took MANY photos. These are the ones that rose to the top....

Years ago I painted a heron rookery in the Adirondacks... There was a rookery in walking distance from my home and studio. So the pond on our property, herons frequented often. Back then, I worked a lot in water media and the painting that I kept from that series is a large studio acrylic on watercolor paper.

I'm thinking it's time to tackle another large studio painting of a heron rookery. This time in oils. It can be a complicated scene! But I like a good challenge... I'll probably start with a few small studies and work my way up....I'll keep you posted.

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