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#10 - A NEW Studio

Yes, the new studio was finished just in time!

That’s Tim in the photo above, the log builder I found in the 'want ads' who saved us. (This was pre-Craig's List.) He got the shell up quickly - and beautifully. Thanks Tim!

Now, we had a fantastic hand crafted studio to work in - and couldn't move in fast enough. We had a large project with a tight deadline looming.

I got to work immediately on a 360 degree mural for a child's nursery. And we created the 'acorn' lighting for the nursery too...

For a spectacular Great Camp in the Adirondacks, the child’s nursery was to be a complete forest scene in the bedroom - with lots of 'friendly' animals - almost life-sized.

And continue into the nursery bathroom....

becoming a pond scene around

the tub and sink.

A duck landing in the tub and a heron standing beside the sink. Our clients wanted every wall surface covered, so we made cut outs to fit around the electrical outlets.

It took a lot of space to create the entire mural with lighting too. We were putting that new studio space to good use!

As lighting projects were expanding rapidly as well, we began working on commercial projects...

This is a one of many lighting pieces we designed and created for a restaurant in the DC area - along with accent lamps for each table, too.

We were getting the opportunity to design and create pieces for some phenomenal residential projects...

Chandeliers, pendants, sconces... Even designing and creating lighting for entire new homes across the nation. Working with architects and interior designers, as well as directly with the clients, on many large scale projects.

Our commission list grew and grew. We were now years out. It was time for John to leave his newspaper job behind. We had a lot of work to do!

Now, we were entirely self employed.

Our new studio was complete, work was lined up for awhile, and we could finish the house in our 'spare time'.

So what could we add to the mix now that life was getting so "routine"?...


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